@ Heaven Nightclub, 11 The Arches, Off Villiers Street, WC2N 6NG


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a month ago

The host was just brilliant, so off to a good start straight away. And the acts were quite funny. Really had a good laugh! Thank you!

Stephen Christian

3 weeks ago

Worse comedy club in London! Yet again I find a comedy club where nothing is funny. The drinks tasted of sewage and over priced. The seats were not big enough to accommodate my fat arse. The comedians all laughted at their own jokes which is never funny. I had more of a smile on my face when I get a cavity search going through customs. The only highlight of the evening was when I spilled my drink over some woman's lap which made this balding chav laugh out in histerics.! To be honest he was a bit of a knob. Do not come too this place! I would advise shoving a cocktail umbrella down your japsy if you want a more eventful and memorable evening.

Erica Coates

3 months ago

We have been before, but just want to say that our visit the other saturday was brilliant.... totally love your place and the acts... really made our weekend away... and on top of everything we got to see lee hurst live, which i have always wanted to. A massive shout out to all the staff in front and behind it all.... you guys make it what it is..... FAB!

Chris Rushe

3 months ago

Acts were hit and miss although the compare was awesome. The club feels really grotty but the area where they hold the stand up is fine.

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